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How does the CAPTCHA work? Article not rated yet
When making a claim, you will see a CAPTCHA which needs to be completed.  You will either see a simple question or you will be faced with a Solvemedia CAPTCHA. We use a custom CAPTCHA solution to impr...
Why am I seeing Solvemedia? Article not rated yet
As well as using our own custom CAPTCHA solution, we also use Solvemedia to boost the security of our faucets.
I am being told I am wrong but I am not! Article rated 2.3/5.0
Please re-read the question carefully.  99.9% of cases it is down to the user and not us. Please follow this checklist if you think you are right but are being told the answer is wrong: Only claim on ...
I'm Blocked for 24 hours Article not rated yet
Sorry to hear that!  This is automatic and is due to too many incorrect answers to the CAPTCHA being submitted by you. Your block will expire within 24 hours depending on how long before the time all ...

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