Site Updates

New Design

As our many regular users may have noticed, we have undergone a redesign to make the faucets easier to manage and to offer a better user experience for all users. These changes will also allow us to ad additional features as time goes on for everyone.

In the mean time, some pages still need to be ported over to WordPress along with further integration of our faucet script and WordPress. While we are doing this, there may be some errors or inconsistencies. Please bare with us!

Key Changes

  • New Look – A fresh new look which hopefully looks cleaner and more modern.
  • Easier to Understand – We have tweaked layouts and worked on emphasising what is important. This includes making the custom CAPTCHA we use here clearer to understand with the help less confusing questions and highlighting key parts of the question being asked so you can easily find what is being asked and easily see what the possible answers are when given possible answers.
  • Enhanced CAPTCHA – Unfortunately, bots are a problem for all faucets, including ours. We have made some changes which should help keep on top of them while hopefully not affecting users as much.
  • Better Error Handling – We have worked on providing a better experience when encountering an error on the site hopefully better explaining what went wrong, how to contact us and making it easier and more user friendly to resume to claiming if you get shown the adblock warning for example.
  • Integration – We have worked and are continuing to work on creating a unified experience. Our faucets started off life as just a basic free faucet script. Over the years, we have added additions and other scripts to offer more however this caused a mismatched experience at times and confusion. Now we use a popular Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress to operate the bulk of the site and integrate into that, the other scripts. It means error pages are now handled by WordPress, a dedicated contact page rather than a separate help desk script and a unified look and feel to the site
  • Blog – You are reading it now. It will offer us a more effective way to communicate with our users and also offer an opportunity for us to provide additional information for everyone to assist when it comes to earning money. We also hope to reward users for submitting useful articles in the future so keep your eyes peeled for that!

We are still working through the changes and some pages are yet to be converted over but hopefully you will find the changes so far beneficial.

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